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Engineering Design Service Commitment


1. Contact customers on the day of accepting engineering design. Survey site can be implemented on the day of customer's request within 3 days, and work out engineering design plan with customers.

2. Collect engineering design data, transact cable (line) corridor and submit it to Planning Bureau for approval.

3. When necessary design data are available, engineering design shall be carried out and the design time limit shall be as follows:

(1) Completion of design in two days for low-voltage project

(2) 35 KVA and below power supply design projects, 4 working days to complete the drawing design work.

4. The design drawings shall be submitted for examination and approval, and the relevant operational departments shall be organized for examination and approval on the spot.

5. Recommend 2-4 equipment manufacturers to users and select them.


Engineering Construction Service Commitment


1. To sign a construction contract is to carry out civil construction and equipment installation of power house.

2. Be responsible for the cable pit excavation and submit it to the municipal authorities for approval, and handle the formalities of paying the relevant fees on behalf of them.

3. Be responsible for handling the relevant procedures of power outage and transmission, organizing the acceptance and acceptance of the project by the power supply operation department, and assisting customers in handling the relevant procedures of power transmission, so as to meet the needs of customers'power consumption time.

4. Construction Period

(1) Low-voltage cables (street lines) shall be completed within 14 days;

(2) The capacity project under 2000 KVA will be completed within 45 days.

(3) The capacity project of 2000KVA and below will be completed within 60 days.


Project completion service commitment


1. Within one year after the equipment is put into operation, the equipment failure package will be maintained and the non-man-made equipment damage package will be replaced.

2. Short-term or long-term maintenance contracts can be signed after the equipment is put into operation for one year. The professional technicians of Taicang Ainengji Electric Power Engineering Company will provide regular inspection, maintenance and repairing paid services.

3. Callers should be sent to the scene within 2 hours. Except for force majeure factors, the time of reply should not exceed 10 hours.