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Insulating gloves
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1. Executive Standard: LD34.1-92

2. Scope of application: mainly used for AC voltage less than 17kV. Workplace where the DC voltage is less than 25.55kV.

3. Electrical insulation performance indicators:

4. Electrical insulation performance test:

(1) 60mm of the upper edge of the inner position of the glove

(2) The water level inside and outside the glove should be flat.

5. Note:

(1) After purchasing gloves, if the user finds that it is raining during transportation or storage, mildew due to moisture, or other abnormal changes, it should go to the statutory testing agency for electrical performance review.

(2) Inflatable inspection must be carried out before use and any damage is found.

(3) When working, put the cuffs into the mouth of the mouth to prevent accidents.

(4) After use, the internal and external dirt should be wiped clean. After drying, sprinkle with talcum powder to ensure that the pressure is damaged and not to be placed on the ground.

(5) Store in a dry and ventilated room temperature -15 ° C to +30 ° C relative humidity 50% to 80% of the warehouse, away from heat, leaving the ground and walls more than 20 cm. Avoid being affected by corrosive substances such as acid, alkali and oil. Do not place it in the open air to avoid direct sunlight. Do not put it on the ground.

(6) A preventive test must be carried out for 6 months, and the same as Article 1.